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Impressions of 2021

 The maximum number of participants in the official march area had already been reached 20 minutes before the start of the event. Bonifatius TV captured the atmosphere in a wonderful 15-minute report...

our Vision




    We stand for a culture of life,
wich knows the incomparable and absolute value of human life.



    We stand for the responsibility of each individual,
to appreciate and defend this value in speech and action.



    We stand for charity and support
for the weak and most vulnerable, especially where human life is threatened.



    We stand for the family as the best guarantor
for love and support in all phases of human life as well as for help for those who have no family.



    We stand for the right to life of all people
and raise our voice for those who cannot do it themselves.

We oppose abortion, euthanasia and all other attacks on human life.

Therefore we want to celebrate life with our march, we want to witness the beauty and dignity of human life and joyfully affirm all that is denied to many unborn children at the beginning of their lives or to the old and sick at the end of their lives.

Aid for pregnant women

Support us

You are welcome to help us in various ways. We are grateful for any support!

Tell your family, all your friends and acquaintances about the march and encourage them to come along!

Follow us on Instagram and share our profile and content.
Download the digital flyer now, order free flyers, distribute them diligently and display them in your parish and other centers upon request.
We are also happy to come to lectures, group lessons or the like and present our march.

Especially in the run-up to the march, but also on the march day itself, we need every helping hand. Please feel free to contact us using the form below, or by e-mail to

Stage, advertising, posters: It all costs money. We do not have a large organization in the background and are dependent on your donation.

or transfer your donation to:

Stimme der Stillen e.V.


IBAN: DE46 7015 0000 1006 1027 41


God bless!

Prayer is the driving force of all good work in the world. Support us, all expectant mothers and all unborn children through your prayer!

And then of course the Alpha and Omega of our march: pack your family and friends and come to Munich on March 25th, 2023. See you at 13pm at Königsplatz!

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